How to choose tiles and equipment for a small bathroom?

How to choose tiles and equipment for a small bathroom?

When finishing a bathroom remodel project, certain dilemmas may be faced such as: if enough square meters are available; where a tub, shower, washbin, or booth can be placed, among different varieties. The question remains: how can a bathroom be configured to be functional and stylish at the same time? Fortunately, our tile contractors can provide you with the following solutions:

Appropriate tile format
Although it sounds like a paradox, it is preferable that you choose large tiles for a tile installation in a small bathroom, especially if they are of sizes 30 x 60 cm or 30 x 90 cm and are rectified and with even edges. Properly placing tiles on the wall with the thickest grout can give the effect of a smooth surface. Horizontally laid rectangular stoneware can optically expand the space. However, if your bathroom has a low ceiling, you can place the tiles vertically. Fashion lovers know that longitudinal stripes can expand and vertical stripes can expand space, and this is no exception. Small bathrooms also use small tiling formats, as long as the shade of the grout matches the shade of the tilework so that the effect is uniform. Besides, it is better to decide on a single color and not to break the format with other types of tiling that do not combine.

Color scheme, or selecting tiles for a small bathroom
We recommend using tiles that are glossy and toned down and above all that is white, cream, beige or gray in case you reconfigure a small bathroom or a bathroom that does not have direct access to sunlight. You can also complement it with the appropriate accessories and decorations. Another solution you can do is to combine the soft colors with tiles that have a resemblance to wood, with applications of black or any other favorite color used during moderation, just to emphasize hardware like bathtub or mirror. The light gray color has the same advantage as white, especially when it comes to decorating a small bathroom since it can optically enlarge the space. You can choose a warmer shade and complement it with existing accessories, such as loft-style lamps or wicker baskets. Apart from that, furniture and accessories that have a bright red, orange, and yellow color can also spice up your interior.

Matt or glossy tiles?
Although we can choose the format and color of your tiles, those are not the only parameters that you must take into account. If you want your bathroom to look spacious in terms of illusion, you can choose between glossy (polished) or glazed, for diffusing and reflecting light. Apart from that, you can also add a large mirror flush with the surface of the tiles and lighting and the effect will be similar to that of a brick wall. A great suggestion for easier cleaning is to utilize matte-type tiles for your flooring choice.

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