What Kind of Hallway Tile Installation in Chicago Should You Get?

What Kind of Hallway Tile Installation in Chicago Should You Get?

We are usually consumed by what is happening in each room of the home, but forgetting about the hallways during a renovation is a big mistake. One can only make a first impression once and the hallway is the place that makes it.

Because your hallway is a high-traffic area, it must be functional, offering safety while being scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. It should also complement the adjacent rooms to show character and flow.

How to Choose Your Hallway Tiles
Although your hallway tends to get so much use from entering and exiting a room, we tend not to think about it that way. This is a busy area of the home, passing through it multiple times a day. The hallway endures shoes, boots, socks, slippers, and bare feet, so it must be durable while still being comfortable.

Because it is so often used, the hallway floor should be:

  • Scuff resistant. When shoes are worn, the soles put a strain on the panels or floorboards. But those soles are also carrying some even more abrasive materials onto your floors, like sand, mud, trash, and small pebbles. These are the things you must factor in when speaking with your tile installers in Chicago about the right tiles for the hallway.
  • Temperature-resistant for fluctuations in the weather. This is especially important when choosing tiles for a vestibule. Temperature swings, water residue, wintery mixtures like road salt and sand, are all endured by your hallway tiles near the door.
  • Slip-resistant. You need a safe floor, so this is vital for everyone in the home. With a non-slip floor tile, you can feel safe in a wet environment where children or pets can roam freely without slipping.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. There is no such thing as a dirt-resistant floor, unfortunately. But a solid tile installation in Chicago can give you the proper stoneware in the hallway that is easy to clean. Simply use a damp mop or cloth, along with your favorite cleanser, and it’s clean.
  • Frost resistant. This is once again important for tiles near the door or on the vestibule. The low water absorbency of porcelain stoneware tiles, along with the ability to withstand low temperatures, makes them ideal for snow, water, and temperature fluctuations.

Still not sure about which hallway tile installation you need? Contact our tile contractors in Chicago for the right advice and we can install your tiles for you based on your needs.

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