Professional Tile Installation Benefits – Robert Tile Installation, Chicago IL

Professional Tile Installation Benefits – Robert Tile Installation, Chicago IL

Tile use in a home renovation can be quite beneficial.  Although it will add to the elegance of your home’s aesthetics and style, tile is also sturdy and low maintenance.  Best of all, tile installation can increase your home’s resale value.  Professional tile installers will make a world of difference, no matter if you are tiling your bathroom, improving kitchen aesthetics with an attractive new tile backsplash installation, or installing new tile floor installation.

Hiring skilled tile contractors is crucial.
Tile is incredibly versatile.  The options are endless for both interior and exterior use, from porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, slabs, steel, or even glass tile, accommodating your budget and style.  Each distinct material requires professional tile installers who rely on their knowledge and expertise to ensure that the proper method is utilized. At Robert Tile Installation Chicago, Il, we possess the necessary skills and experience.

We will ensure your tile flooring is correctly installed.
Proper installation involves adequate floor preparation, installing weight dispersing subfloor to reinforce, anti-fracture membranes, and taking other steps as necessary to make sure tiles do not end up cracking.  We are also skilled at installing heated flooring systems, whether in mat, pad, or cable form.

We provide unique designs for your bathroom renovation.
Robert Tile will guide you through design selection for your bathroom tile installation and renovation. We can design and install shower stalls that include benches, niches, curbs, or any other detail you may prefer, all the while ensuring it is fully waterproofed and appropriately sealed.

We offer varied demolition, reconstruction, and tile repair services.
Perhaps you are renovating a space that already has tile or you may be demolishing and rebuilding areas prior to installing new tile.  Either way, Robert Tile Installation can help.  We also offer maintenance and cleaning services for your existing tile.

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