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For years, Robert Tile Installation Chicago has been the most trusted name among tile contractors in Chicago. Whether you’re planning new construction or a remodeling project, we can handle any tile installation. Our friendly team will walk you through our selection of tiles where you’ll find mosaic, glass, porcelain and more! Then, we will show you the options for best tile installation. With ROBERT TILE, you’re guaranteed find an inspiration and to create your perfect bathroom or kitchen. You’re never on your own either. You’ll have 24-hour access to our customer assistants and experienced, courteous tile installers. At ROBERT TILE, we’re proud to offer the perfect combination of customer service, impressive selection of tiles, and incredible craftsmanship in Chicago. When it comes to tile installation services in Chicago, ROBERT TILE is the top choice!

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0+ Years of Experience

Good Quality Materials

We are Chicago tile installers who use only the highest standard of materials on every project. Quality work can only be backed by quality material.

Quick & Efficient

Our tile contractors in Chicago work quickly and efficiently to make sure your project is completed on time, as promised.


All of our tile installers in Chicago are certified and ready for your project, so you can be assured of the best work by the best contractors.

Affordable Price

We offer great pricing for top quality materials and professional tile installations in Chicago. We’ll work with you to stay on budget.

Free Estimation

Know what your project will cost with our free, no obligation estimate before getting the best tile installers in Chicago to start your project.

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Tile Installation Services Chicago

Nate Bohn

Tile Floor Installation

Tile is durable and versatile, excellent for kitchen and bathroom floors. Create attractive flooring with our assortment of stylish tile and leave the rest to our professional tile installers in Chicago!

Nick Turner

Bathroom Tiles Installation

Both waterproof and low-maintenance, tile is perfect for bathrooms. Add high-quality tile to your floors, counters, or baseboards with our inexpensive and professional tile installation in Chicago.

Dylan Adams

Backsplash Installation

Bring your kitchen to life with a gorgeous backsplash installation in Chicago. We’ve got every style to choose from and an experienced design team to create your ideal kitchen accent.

Nate Bohn

Commercial Tile Installation

Our commercial tile installation mean long lasting function and style; uniquely customized to your commercial environment. Durability combined with fresh designs make an unforgettable first impression that defines your space.

Nick Turner

Residential Tile Installation

Our residential tile installation makes unique tile design a reality. You dream it and choose the tiles, our tile installers do the rest. Robert Tile offers any look imaginable, for any room in your home.

Dylan Adams

Carpet & Vinyl Tiles

For the most budget friendly tile installation, vinyl tiles and carpet tiles are worth considering. They offer low cost, easy replacement and an incredibly broad selection of styles, colors and qualities.



If you are looking for a true professional to do a bathroom tile installation or a backsplash installation in your Chicago home or business, ROBERT TILE is your quintessential choice! We will make sure that you receive the best tile installation experience you have ever seen, as your satisfaction is paramount in our organization! For more information regarding our services or to request free quotes, we invite you to contact us through our official telephones or official website.



One of the most important goals that ROBERT TILE has when conducting tile installation around Chicago is to provide the highest quality standards so that the tiles last for many years. And this is something that our tile contractors are properly trained for.
Here at ROBERT TILE we always keep up to date with the latest industry standards, installation processes and materials, in order to always provide you with a first class tile floor installation service.
While our Chicago tile installers are always closely supervised and use the best materials in the industry to make your tiles last the test of time, we also have a service team that will put the finishing touches on your tiles later to ensure that everything is according to our standards.
The golden reputation that precedes ROBERT TILE is primarily due to our commitment to treating our customers and employees in a completely fair and transparent manner. If by chance something goes wrong during the work, we will make sure to correct it as soon as possible, since we always think about your satisfaction and peace of mind.
As one of the largest and best tile installers Chicago has, we pride ourselves on having the best long-term relationships with the best contractor and supplier companies in the area, as well as installing tiles in the most prestigious projects in the metropolitan area and suburbs.
ROBERT TILE participates in different national organizations in order to keep us updated regarding technological advances in the tile industry and to identify trends and methods that will help us improve our services.

The most popular types of tiles in Chicago


Good looking effects can be made by using porcelain tiles because they come in a variety of colors and made to resemble wood or stone, giving you a strong alternative to both. Matt and high-gloss effects can be administered to fit you style


The same resources that make porcelain tiles are used for ceramic tiles as well with only a few minor differences. Though it is a little less hard-wearing and water resistant you can still get a heavy duty solution when they are sealed properly.


To achieve a more elegant look marble tiles are the way to go. The veins of color that constitute its surface are perfect for adding texture to get an attractive yet subtle manifestation. Tiles contractors Chicago recommends this look for a luxury feel.


Mosaic tiles have become trendy in houses. Made from varied tiling materials, including glass, marble, and ceramic. The tiles are miniature and can be pieced together by tile installers Chicago trusts, making intriguing designs in numerous patterns and colors.


If you are looking for a design with natural tones limestone is always a good choice. Limestone adds warmth to your room with its beige, brown and gray colors. It provides a cozy feel while still providing durability.


For busy rooms in your house many Chicago tiles installers recommend slate tiles as a great choice. Slate is one of the strongest options available and gives you a long lasting finish that is nearly impossible to damage..


For bathroom tiles vinyl is always a good decision. This is a style that you don’t have to do a lot of maintenance on because of its ability to live through wear and tear. When considering a tile installation Chicago this is also one of the cheapest options available.


Terracotta tiles are nice if you want to get a mediterranean type of vibrancy into your home. The orange and red colors give your room an exotic feel. Tile installers Chicago can get these earthy colors to make your space feel nice, warm, and welcoming.

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