2022 brought some incredibly stunning trends in tile installation. All the green tiles we’ve installed this year have basically made tile installers like green with envy. In any spot from walls to countertops, natural stone slabs are being installed. Below is a list of our favorite 2022 trends, from floral tiles to metallic ones to those that mimic wallpaper.

We Love the 2022 Green Tile Trend
Practically each remodel we’ve executed in 2022 has involved a green component. Your neighbors and friends will be green with envy once you’ve selected a cooler green tone with emerald highlights for your bathroom tile installation or gone with an emerald green subway tile for kitchen backsplash installation. The calming effect of green interiors is an added bonus as it simulates the feeling of a forest’s lush green landscape. Take a few shades of green into consideration for your upcoming tile project, keeping in line with our favorite 2022 tile trends.

We Love the 2022 Plant Patterns Tile Trend
Following suit with the green trend, tile contractors installing botanically faced tiles pronounce, “Welcome to the jungle!” Many more homes are incorporating plant printed tiles and even floral patterns. But, by far the most popular 2022 pattern tile trend we love is that of palm fronds.

Metallic Tiles
Metallic tiles are on the opposite end of the selection of 2022 tile trends. Metallic tiles have an appearance that is both rustic and modern, quite different from plant patterns and cool green shades. Often, these tiles can make the rest of your tiles pop, as they are used as accent tiles. Bronze, gold, and copper tones can bring shimmer to your bathroom with their warm feel.

Earth Tones
When seeking a more neutral look between botanicals and metallics, earth tones are a terrific option. But, an even prettier design involves the inclusion of a few green accent tiles in an earth toned backsplash or bathroom. White bathrooms are on their way out, thanks to the rend of neutral earth toned tile that fills any bathroom with excitement and warmth.

We Love the 2022 Wallpaper Tile Trend
Yep, that’s right. The wallpaper tile trend is becoming more popular daily. You obtain tile’s water resistance and long-lasting durability with the attractive look of wallpaper patterns. Providing the ideal combination of function and form, wallpaper tiles are an excellent option for backsplash, recess, accent wall, or even accent tile floor installation.

Stone Slabs
Many more homes are incorporating giant slabs of amazing natural stone into their designs. This is likely 2022’s largest tile trend, in more than one way. Each day, big slabs of granite or marble are being installed from floor to ceiling in many homes, displaying incredible beauty. In 2022, numerous homeowners are matching their new countertops to their backsplashes through the installation of custom cut granite slabs. Certain homeowners are even utilizing these slabs on their ceilings!

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