Custom quartz countertops are changing our kitchens

Quartz countertops as the new trend

In a past few years, every new friend I visited was either talking about wanting to rebuild their kitchen, or about having it done recently. For a long time I was wondering what’s the reason of this weird new trend, until I tried it myself. Some people I know talked me into getting new countertops in my kitchen. At first I didn’t like the idea, but when I made some research, I discovered how easy it is to have new quartz countertops Chicagoland area made just for you. I contacted a company recommended to me by a friend, and they told me, step by step, how the process of quartz kitchen installation looks like. The company was called New Stone Design Chicago, and I liked working with them very much.

kitchen countertops project by New Stone design

What quartz manufacturers and installers do?

A lot of people say that quartz countertops are the best way to have your kitchen finished. I agree with that, because quartz is really resistant, and relatively cheap. Manufacturers are increasing their produce week by week, as more and more people decide to have quartz countertops. Companies like New Stone Design are adjusting their prices as the demand for quartz products is growing. Now, having quartz countertops isn’t really just a dream, its accessible for all kinds of people. Now, thanks to New Stone Design, I have them in my kitchen. And now I see what makes them so popular. My countertops are really good looking, and also durable to the point of not worrying about them at all. The installation was handled very well; all the work was done in a very short time, and the final price satisfied me. If you want to know more about quartz countertops, ask the installers yourself.

Open space kitchen with White Quartz Countertops
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