Are Old Hardwood Floors Worth Saving?

Hardwood floors are found in many older homes and buildings. If you are fortunate enough to have these, it is worth keeping them in most cases. Even floors that look too dirty or worn to save may be a perfect candidate for re-finishing and refurbishment. Some floors may have another layer on top of them, carpet has been a common flooring material often found covering old hardwood, as well as vinyl or linoleum tiles. You can peel back the layers in a small area and see if you have hardwood floors. You may be pleasantly surprised. The wood in older floors is usually old growth timber that was common a hundred years ago, but now is difficult or impossible to find. So before you tear out those dirty old floors, consider if you might be wise to preserve them. Calling a professional is the way to proceed. Hardwood flooring contractors will assess your floors and give you an estimate of what it costs and the time it will take to have those floors looking new again.

before  refinishing old hardwood floors

Hardwood Flooring Mount Prospect

Jerry J Hardwood Flooring Mount Prospect will get your project estimated, scheduled and completed at the right price. Professional pride in the work they do is evident and the finished product will make you glad you called them. You can become another of the satisfied clients they've worked with. Their team of professionals will coordinate your hardwood flooring refurbishment or your hardwood floor installation. Some buildings will require a combination of both. This company has done hardwood floors and their team has decades of combined experience. When you contract them to do your work, you will be getting the highest quality workmanship available. Whether you need your floors re-finished or a hardwood installation, these hardwood flooring contractors have the experience and the skills to complete your flooring project professionally.

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