Granite countertops – little change with great effects

I don’t like remodeling. Well, I do love the results – new furnishings and fixtures but I hate preceding mess, noise and disruption of my everyday life. That’s why, as a rule of thumb, I make any serious changes, when it becomes absolutely inevitable. Maybe not the moment, when everything starts collapsing around me but close enough. Nevertheless, I’m not complete abnegate and like small home improvements. This quickly leads us to the granite countertops in my kitchen. The thing is, I didn’t need full-blown remodeling but at the same time, I wanted to improve interior’s looks. I thought that replacing scratched, engineered wood countertops for granite ones would do the trick. Among the companies that offer granite countertops Bartlett, I’ve chosen Timeless Granite due to positive opinions and very comprehensive service they provide, starting from samples, trough quote to templating and custom fitting every element.

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Granite countertops in Bartlett so cheap that you wouldn’t believe

But let’s start from the beginning that is sample. I’m discerning customer and don’t like deciding on anything solely basing on catalogue pictures. That’s why I really appreciated the opportunity to have a look on something, which would become my granite countertops. When I’ve chosen the most appealing stone, I received detailed estimate, which baffled me slightly. I thought that the price quoted couldn’t be the complete calculation of cots. It turned out that it really was. The company claimed to provide very affordable granite countertops in Bartlett but it was a steal. Of course, with such pricing I had my doubts about the quality of the product and workmanship but unnecessarily. Basing on the measurements and templates made earlier, guys from Timeless manufactured for me excellent countertops. Installation process also was remarkable. Summing up, now I have beautiful granite countertops that impart completely different feel to the kitchen that the previous ones. Great job for great price!

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